ORC Statutes Excerpts

ORC Statute Excerpts

Of interest to those considering membership of the
Order of the Rose and Cross

Michael N. Buckley
Supreme Magus


The Order of the Rose and Cross exists to provide an ideal forum in which Rosicrucianism, in its traditional form, can be studied, interpreted and discussed in depth communally, by Christian esotericists of any nation who are fluent in English and who are committed to following the rule of life and faith set out in the Fama Fraternitatis. The structure and working of the Order are based upon those of the historical Rosicrucian institutions of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, but do not reflect the restricted nature of such institutions.





1. Constitution


The Order of the Rose and Cross is an international, sovereign and independent Body open to all men and women of any nation who are fluent in English and who are deemed acceptable by existing members.

The Order comprises every Frater and Soror who has been regularly admitted in full ceremonial form and is either a subscribing member of a Conclave of the Order or an Honorary Member thereof.

2. (a) Qualifications for Full Membership

No one shall be admitted into the Order unless he or she is of high moral character and believes and professes faith in the fundamental doctrines of the Trinitarian Christian Faith. He or she must also be capable of taking part in the studies indicated in the Aim of the Order, possess a mind free from prejudice, and be anxious for instruction. He or she must further be a true philanthropist, and a loyal, law-abiding subject or citizen of their country.

2. (b) Qualifications for Associate Membership.

Applicants who do not wish to become full members, or are otherwise unable to fulfil the stated requirements for full membership - but who nevertheless wish to join in with the researches of the Order and who are considered to be acceptable - shall be welcomed into Associate membership which shall bestow on them similar rights and privileges as those of full membership save that they may not participate in, or witness, the ceremonies of the Order or vote in any proceedings.

3. Structure

The Order is structured into an Outer Order, which consists of an Admission Ceremony, representing the graduated structure of the Outer Order of traditional Rosicrucian bodies, and an Inner Order, the Fraternitas Rosae et Crucis, entry to which is by invitation only.



1. Qualification of Candidates

The Forms of Application (for full and associate membership) must be completed before the name of the candidate may appear on a Summons and sent to the Supreme Magus and his Deputies for approval. The Proposer and Seconder must already be full members of the Order.

2. Regulations for the Admission of Aspirants

No Aspirant shall be admitted to membership of the Order in any Conclave until agreeing a Solemn Pledge of Fidelity and of obedience to the Statutes of the Order, and the completed form, together with the Admission Fees, shall have been received.

If an Aspirant is not admitted within twelve months of the ballot, a fresh proposal and ballot shall be required.

All members of the Order shall be permitted to hold dual membership of other Rosicrucian Societies, or of any other Sister Jurisdiction, with which the Order is in amity.

4. Mottoes

Every Frater or Soror, before admission to the Order, shall adopt a Latin motto, which shall be transmitted by the Conclave Secretary to the Grand Secretary with the application form. This motto may not afterwards be changed. Except as provided by these Statutes for joining members, no two Fratres or Sorores of the same Conclave are at liberty to adopt the same motto. Each Conclave shall use a copy of the Register of Mottoes provided by the Grand Secretary.

The Mottoes shall be used in Convocations and in all correspondence when addressing an individual Frater.

The full Statutes of the ORC are available in the members area and concern the internal governance of the Order.