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Mirror of the Rosicrucian Wisdom
by Theophilus Schweighardt, 1617

Wisdom (saith Solomon) is to a man an infinite Treasure, for she is the Breath of the Power of God, and a pure Influence that floweth from the Glory of the Almighty.

She is the Brightness of Eternal Light, and an undefiled Mirror of the Majesty of God, and an Image of his Goodness;
she teacheth us Soberness and Prudence,
Righteousness and Strength;
she understands the Subtlety of words,
and Solution of dark sentences;
she foreknoweth Signs and Wonders,
and what shall happen in time to come;
with this Treasure was our first Father Adam fully endued...
Fama Fraternitatis


The Order of the Rose and Cross exists to provide an ideal forum in which Rosicrucianism, in its traditional form, can be studied, interpreted and discussed in depth communally, by Christian esotericists of any nation who are fluent in English and who are committed to following the rule of life and faith set out in the Fama Fraternitatis. The structure and working of the Order are based upon those of the historical Rosicrucian institutions of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, but do not reflect the restricted nature of such institutions.


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