About the ORC

About the Order of the Rose and Cross

The Summum Bonum by Robert Fludd
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On 30 June 2007 the Order of the Rose and Cross was formally consecrated as a sovereign, independent Rosicrucian Order, dedicated to the promotion of traditional Rosicrucianism.

This Order aspires to truly Rosicrucian aims and practices. First, our principal aim is to preserve and propagate Christian esotericism - the true essence of the Western Mystery Tradition - by means of study, debate and meditation within a consecrated space.

Next, we are truly inclusive, putting up no artificial barriers to membership. We admit both men and women of the Christian faith, and do not insist upon any prior membership of any other masonic or esoteric body - nor do we restrict our members from joining, or remaining as members of any other Rosicrucian body: tolerance, not intolerance is our watchword.

We also offer the opportunity of following a progressive ceremonial path for those who wish to take it up, but this is neither obligatory nor exclusive.

This Order has been founded by experienced Rosicrucians who have worked within a number of established and respected Rosicrucian and esoteric Orders. Creating a new Order, based on the spiritual impulse of Christian esotericism was a natural step.

So what lies ahead? We are a new Order with a rewarding future before us. Our Order is composed of dedicated, honourable and non-judgmental Rosicrucians, true to their faith, and committed to the search for spiritual wisdom. Every Christian esotericist who follows the Rosicrucian path is welcome to join us in our quest.