Rosicrucian Imagery Gallery

Rosicrucian Imagery Gallery

The student of the Rosicrucian mysteries may find it worthwhile to meditate on the following images.

Athanasius Kircher (1602–1680)

Kircher was a theologian, geologist, biologist and illustrator. His images were heavily inspired by his academic interests, and have influenced a great number of alchemists and rosicrucians.

Michael Maier (1568–1622)

Maier was an alchemist, writer, musician, physician and counsellor. One of his writings, which was illustrated by Matthias Merian, was the Atalanta Fugiens. Some of the images of which are replicated below.

Robert Fludd (1574 - 1637)

Fludd was a physician, alchemist and astrologer deeply inspired by the works of Paracelsus. Fludd was very much interested in the idea of Creation, which lead to many years of study in the Old Testament and attempted to reconcile it with his scientific knowledge. The result were several texts, with illustrations. Some of these illustrations are exhibited below.

Basil Valentine

Basil Valentine, from the 15th century, is a figure shrouded in mystery, but he was alleged to have been a member of the Benedictine Order. He was an alchemist, who wrote about his extensive knowledge of chemistry. "The Twelve Keys of Basil Valentine" published in 1599, was attributed to him. The book discusses alchemy, and provides clues regarding the elusive philosopher's stone. Some images from this book are included below.

Other Images

More images to follow.